Come into the Garden of Eden and enjoy the sweet fruit of submission. When you are with Amazon Maddox, all things are possible. There is joy and freedom in submitting to Her. A towering Domme, the Amazon will put you in your place with ease and if you fight it, She will knock you down to size. An intimidating but burning presence will have you crawling forward on all fours confessing your most privately held thoughts and kinks.

Amazon Maddox is an experience that will leave you ensnared in the web of your darkest desires. When you fall to your knees to worship this Deity you will know what true surrender is. Fighting against what you truly want is pointless. Her expertise is wide and varied, and will expand with Her dedication to her craft with the help of the illustrious Mistress Couple. Within Her lifestyle, she is honored to be a key-holder and owner of Her precious subs and bottoms, and this is not something She takes lightly. There is a euphoric feeling that overcomes Her when She is in full control of you, and She expertly guides you through an unforgettable experience. It is vital that both parties enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Your cries and longing eyes are Her love language. Her mighty presence and severe beauty are yours.


Height: 5’10”
Dress Size:16/18
Shoe Size: 10W
Bra Size: 40D
Corset size: 34-36