“Rare is the Dominant who mixes control and compassion into potent and powerful play that does not exhaust one’s imagination when completed. As a submissive slut who enjoys pain with a side of pleasure, the dizzying amount of ways in which i was teased, tantalized, prodded, and provoked made me physically ache for more to come. The marks are fun, but the memories remain.”
– Mrz. Neptune Violet

“Goddess, I am professing my love for your feet. The smell is overwhelming and I am now at their mercy. Thank you so much for gracing me with their presence. All I ever wanted to do was serve you. You are divine!”
– Maddox’s Foot Servant

“This was my very first dungeon visit, and I was a nervous wreck. Hands shaking kinda mess. I booked my appointment with Mistress Maddox, hoping she will unlock some things in me. And she did she is so beautiful and being in her presence made me a whimpering beta bitch and she reminded me that I was the whole time. I was her maid, her whipping boy along another mistress she was training, and finally her furniture. She can suffocate me with her gorgeous bottom half, chest and armpits all she wants. Fun, professional and safe time with her I will defintley be back to serve her power.”
– Beta Bitch Boy

“Great 5 star rating for session. Professional, felt comfortable, fun, and took her time. I look forward to having another session with her.”
– John

“Maddox is the real deal. She does not play games. When she walks in to the room, you can feel that there is a presence of authority has entered. You cannot afford to disobey her. She is powerful in every sense. She can take a dominant and turn him into a whimpering slave, that he will remain a broken slave forever. Maddox is addictive.”
– Steve